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Par La Lune • March

by Darleen Masakhwe

The Romans looked toward the stars in order to confirm a narrative built on knowledge, and not faith. With a New Moon in Pisces, a healing dimension is being added to the previous full moon's energy. Namely being grounded within your own feelings and intuitions. This type of healing is focused on wounds from the past which hinder us in the present and could be obstacles in the future. The main purpose here is to move beyond narratives centered around hurt, building ourselves as whole, well rounded figures. Forgiving the past, regardless of if you were the one who was harmed, or the one doing the harming. Life is about the journey of learning in every single role that we inhibit.


March 21st - April 19th

Aries, action is your modus operandi. You’re quick to move given the right stimulus and context. However when things start to go sideways, you scramble to find the right coping mechanism to move forward. With the energy of the new moon keep in mind that struggle is part of everyone's journey. If you’re feeling like you’ve fallen away from your usual style mojo - don’t fret. Take this moment to enjoy not looking like you’ve got it all figured out. This could be a new time to play with different items than you usually would; trust your creative urges no matter the outcome.


April 20th – May 20th

In this moment Taurus you need to be able to reconnect and feel grounded. You need to ensure that you’re going into spaces where you don’t have to try so hard. You dress with ease and are replenished by this feeling of the natural. The focus, fashion wise, should be on quality. Which items have really given you the most bang for the buck you put down Taurus? Have you been making an effort to care for them? Have you been amassing items which don’t mesh well with what’s already tried and true?


May 21st - June 20th

This month highlights a fact most people already know. You’re a creative dynamo in whatever you choose to do Gemini. However, you’re keen on preserving a sense of things happening when you want them to. You’re also one to shy away from confronting your deepest fears. A run in your stockings, smudged lipstick when that wasn’t your look - small things can bring things down for you. Take time to find joy within the challenges and mishaps you face. You’ll be better for it; and if anything should give you comfort it’s the fact that a smile out does a frown in every case.


 June 21st - July 22nd

Here is the place to consider the future. Are you actually taking the steps and checking off the small goals which are going to get you to the future you’ve got in your minds eye? No matter the answer take a moment to really consider why or why not. Maybe it’s time to do the the deep planning which ensures that you’ve got a plan ready.



July 23rd - August 22nd

The energy to focus on is clarification. Relationships are the web in which we all live. Day to day there are commitments and partnerships which we have agreed to. Keep in mind that you can express yourself, while sticking to parameters. Whether it’s a business lunch, a night out or a wedding. You can stay with the overlying theme and channel your talents into more productive outcomes. Perhaps a uniform for your week would allow you to focus on tasks, such as  plan your savings for the rest of the year

August 23rd - September 22nd

Now is a good time to examine if you’re getting just as much as you give Virgo. Perhaps you need to examine whether your relationships have been a case of mutualism or parasitism. Maybe the points you’ve been acquiring via say your Sephora purchases are stopping you from looking elsewhere. There’s a whole wide world full of choice before you. Now is the time to see what styles and items give you the comfort and self certainty needed to replenish and build your self love up.

September 23rd - October 22nd

Knowing what’s before you each day can sometimes stop your ability to really dream. It’s great to have a trusty satchel to heave everything from home and back again. However, having these types of constants may be stopping you from asking yourself what you really like and need. Life is change, and what worked in the past may no longer fit with your present and more importantly your future.  

October 23rd - November 21st

Life has been consistently guided by your trust in your own actions. You do, however, exhibit some degree of self doubt which can work to stop your actions from fully manifesting. Now is the time to ask yourself why you doubt. You’ve already mastered the hard task of general self trust. Now you need to strengthen this trust, so that it can see you through adversity.

November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius work is never done. This is the time to pay attention to the additional lessons and insights that you stand to gain. Whether this is through refining your silhouettes or asking why you’re drawn to them in the first place. Do you love a good A-line because it gives you that extra pep in your step; or because you’re using it to hide from a bodily insecurity? No one is perfect, and no matter what is considered to be most alluring in society we shouldn’t stop enjoying our imperfections - both real and imagined.  

December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn if you’ve found yourself wearing the same sweater five days in a row don’t fret. Whatever provides you with comfort as you process the healing notes of the new moon is an asset. Focus less on working to make your look fresh and new; and focus on what your top commitments in the next while are. Which tasks can you recommit to and which tasks are the most important?

January 20th - February 18th

You’re usually known to be highly independent. This can be positive; you’re able to really work at a consistent pace. You may not stop to consider your relationship to your work. And even less to how you can use your work to further self development - leading to more consistent healing and growth.

February 19th - March 20th

Emotions aren’t a stranger to you Pisces. As such you’re always aware of your emotional state. This new moon is here to let you know that you’re allowed to outgrow parts of yourself. Maybe you’re no longer doing your best work in a uniform, hinged on streamlined basics. Maybe you’re no longer thriving in the somewhat avant garde cuts you’ve formerly professed your love for. Take a moment to breathe, and separate your own perceptions of yourself from the projections other people cast onto you.

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