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Paris Re Made

Conceived in 2018 with Xuan Thu Nguyen as creative director, Paris RE Made is much more than a fashion brand. The unisex brand's goal is to create a community with a new way of looking at fashion in order to build a more conscious future.

Paris RE Made sources luxury vintage garments and deadstock designer fabrics and turns them into RE designed pieces directly in their studio in Paris. While the sourcing trajectory is both a challenge and delightful treasure hunt, each piece is handpicked for their quality. By RE freshing and RE tailoring these pieces, Paris RE Made turns them into new classics while still honouring the heritage of the pieces they work with. By presenting their fashion story in new RE shapes and RE designs, Paris Re Made aims to shift perspectives on fashion values.

Paris RE Made continues to work on a circular fashion model by focusing on recycling, upcycling and RE purposing what already exists and is readily available. They want to tell a story about clothes being RE loved, appreciated and RE worn.
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