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Pura Utz

Founded by Anna Waller Andrés, Pura Utz is an accessories line designed in Copenhagen and handmade by female Mayan artisans in Guatemala. Pura Utz's products are produced (all completely by hand) to honor and to create a sustainable income for the incredible women they partner with. By collaborating with individual women, cooperatives and Non-profit organizations throughout Guatemala, Pura Utz creates value in the form of acknowledgement – showing artisans that people all over the world value their amazing weaving skills.

Typically in Guatemala, bead work is a very low-valued form of labour where bead-workers (primarily women) are paid per product. This means that there is no salary control and usually the time to make a beaded product is far more than what the women get paid to make it. But Pura Utz pays their artisans per product and per hour, which ensure that both time and complexity of the beaded product are rewarded. This pricing structure was developed in conjunction with Bernabela, the local power woman that Pura Utz collaborates with. Furthermore, the salary that Pura Utz pays is three times higher than the average market price. And on top of this, part of the money goes into a project co-founded by Bernabela that supports the elderly who don’t have families to help support them and are no longer able to work. Three times a week, Bernabela and her time hand out food supplies and cook for these elderly.
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