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Based in New Zealand, Kowtow is a contemporary mens and womenswear company that uses only 100% certified fair trade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Kowtow manufactures all its clothing in Kolkata, India, where employees have many benefits, from their children receiving free schooling to working in well ventilated and spacious working environments while receiving a Fairtrade wage that provides and guarantees a sustainable livelihood. Furthermore, all garments are dyed with Global ORganic Textile Standards (GOTS) approved dyes, so you don't have to worry about hazardous dyes or chemicals in your clothes.

Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified organic cotton, as certified by the Fairtrade labelling Organization. Some of the benefits of using this organization are that the Fairtrade guaranteed minimum price covers the costs of production and provides a sustainable livelihood for Kowtow cotton producers. The Fairtrade premium also enables cooperatives to fund projects that benefit the organisation and wider community: business and agricultural training; drilling bore holes for clean water; building schools and clinics.
Kowtow only uses 100% organic certified cotton, as certified by SKAL International. This means that genetically modified seeds are never used, agriculture is more sustainable as soil is conserved through crop rotation and more water is conserved due to organic cotton's higher water retention. Weeds are controlled through physical removal rather than chemical destruction, and insects are controlled by maintaining a balance between "pests" and their natural predators through healthy soils.
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