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Grön Kulle

Founded by Gemma in Fall 2020 (whose last name is Grön Kulle in Swedish), she created Grön Kulle to bridge the gap with a jacket that was functional and warm, yet interesting; a fleece that she could wear with leggings after a hike or over a vintage jumpsuit and with sneakers as easily as clogs or boots. In wanting to feel like herself and feel cozy, Grön Kulle was born.
All of Grön Kulle's pieces visually represent balance through simple geometric shapes - the even distribution of colour in checkerboard, a semi-circle grounded with solid lines and in keeping with this theme, the yin yang. It was important to Gemma to show the balance of the light and dark in life through her work. Having belief in the bigger picture of life, hope for brighter days to come and learning/growing through the dark spells when they hit.
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