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BY FAR is a Bulgarian shoe brand founded in 2016 by twins Valentina and Sabina, and their best friend Denitsa. Having noticed a gap in the market for high quality footwear, the BY FAR team were originally struck by the production potential for handmade, luxury shoes in their home country. Since BY FAR's inception, the trio have sought to create shoes that fit into their own lives with ease, revisiting classic, unfussy shapes, whilst playing on vintage motifs updated with modern functionality. With a constant focus on comfort, the line presents a range of effortlessly cool, youthful styles that fuse elegance and edge into a cohesive contemporary aesthetic. All BY FAR shoes are handmade in a small, family owned factory using premium materials only.

BY FAR believes that the key to achieving a more sustainable future is the close ongoing collaboration with their partners, serving as the basis for improvements, innovation and excellence. Since launching, BY FAR has chosen to base all of its manufacturing partners within the European Union, maintaining close oversight on the code of conduct of all partners with regards to their manufacturing practices and fair working conditions. Regular oversight and on-site visits have allowed them to ensure that the code of conduct, working conditions and protection of human rights do not only meet their own standards but are also in full compliance with all European regulations. Working locally, respecting traditions of craftsmanship and progressing alongside local communities are principles that underpin the BY FAR Standards. BY FAR pledges to keep reducing the negative environmental impacts involved in production and to keep supporting practices and innovations that create environmental benefits, reducing climate change impacts.

BY FAR is committed to sourcing all raw materials from suppliers, governed by the highest animal welfare standards and protection principles. The company’s policy and its suppliers hold the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Five Freedoms as a guiding principle for animal health and welfare standards. BY FAR and its chain of suppliers adopt any and all advisable practices, which aim to protect the emotional state, the biological functioning and natural behaviour of animals, taking into consideration species’ needs and bio-diverse eco-systems in the regions where animal products are sourced. BY FAR encourages suppliers to continuously improve and monitor animal welfare performance and to promote, throughout the entire supply chain, compliance with new and most up-to-date science-based standards and best practices. BY FAR will never knowingly source raw materials, if there have been any concerns over animal welfare and is committed to engaging with welfare experts to ensure good husbandry of animals in the supply chain. Also, BY FAR does not manufacture or procure any exotic skins.

From the careful material selection to the production processes and timeless designs, they create accessories to be cherished, loved and worn for many seasons ahead. They are committed to responsible sourcing and ethical labour and monitor the upkeep of these principles very closely. They have made the choice of locating all our production facilities locally, all within the European Union, ensuring fair practices and opportunities for local communities and workers. BY FAR is deeply committed to protecting the rights of workers, supporting their wellbeing and their livelihood with the utmost respect for their skill and artistry. They work closely with all our suppliers and production facilities, monitoring the upkeep of socially and environmentally responsible systems, upholding universally accepted Labour and Human Rights Standards, aligned with European Laws and underpinned by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
BY FAR acknowledges that the preservation of forests and by association, biodiversity and natural ecosystems, are essential to a sustainable future, regulating the effects of climate change. Avoiding deforestation and unsustainable extraction of wood for paper and pulp production is, therefore, crucial for sustainable forest management. The BY FAR standard on sourcing paper and wood-based products is grounded on a commitment to source from sustainably managed forests, as well as a commitment to reduce the company’s need for forest-based natural resources through increasing the recycled content of our paper and packaging. Their current retail and digital packaging and shipping boxes consist of fully recyclable paper and pulp, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They have committed to keep increasing the amount of recycled content in their packaging and to continue to search for opportunities to integrate more innovative and sustainable solutions in their practices and packaging.

BY FAR recognizes the significant impacts of leather production on both people and the environment and pledges to source leather from suppliers committed to responsible and sustainable practices. Suppliers are expected to be committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their production processes and products and respecting ecosystems and biodiversity. BY FAR works with partners to ensure continuous improvement on environmental performance, following the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. We have a target to source 100% of their leather from tanneries with environmental, traceability and social compliance certifications and are working extremely hard to achieve this. Currently, they stand at a total of 60-70% LWG certified leather, depending on each new season. They fully support tannery certification as one of several ways to help drive more responsible and sustainable leather production. They recognise certifications by the Leather Working Group (LWG), the Italian Istituto di Certificazione della Qualità per l’Industria Conciaria (ICEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The BY FAR Code of Conduct ensures the implementation of fair practices according to international conventions, with the utmost compliance and respect for human and labour rights. They maintain an open dialogue with all partners and stakeholders to reinforce these principles and the upkeep of a socially responsible business which we strictly monitor through regular audit. BY FAR places high importance on the continuous improvement and empowerment of all its workers, including regular training seminars and the implementation of internal systems, promoting a safe and respectful culture within the brand.

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