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Junes was started in 2014 when founder Janean Mann found herself in Juarez, Mexico searching for the perfect materials for her bags. During this trip, she learned about the mass violence against innocent women in the area and launched Junes in dedication to helping the women of Juarez, weaving the mission into the very fabric of their bags. Junes partners with an all-female sewing co-op to help women sustainably support their families and donates a portion of all sales to the Global Fund for Women to empower and protect women from gender-based violence.
Originally, Junes began by making intentional choices with sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping to reduce their supply chain distance and carbon footprint and created their own recycling program to keep old reusable bags from ending up in the landfill. This work has led them to launch a revolutionary new fabric called Bio-Knit that is made from recycled post-consumer plastic and won't last forever in the environment.
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