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Suzanne Rae

Suzanne Rae is a Brooklyn-based women's ready-to-wear and shoe line inspired by and made for the progressive and modern woman. With social awareness, slow fashion and sustainability as a part of their foundation, Suzanne Rae makes a point to incorporate luxurious yet socially- and environmentally-friendly materials with more than 75% of their fabrics consisting of biodegradable natural fibers.
Suzanne Rae also collaborates with Peruvian artisans and women's cooperatives outside of Lima, promoting work that gives women the means to support their family. Back at home, Suzanne Rae is also involved with several women's groups around New York City, such as Girls Inc., and WIN. Through this involvement, Suzanne Rae hopes to empower women to think for themselves and make thoughtful choices and decisions about their futures.
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