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ELLISS is a London-based label created and designed by Elliss Solomon in June 2016. Born out of a desire to create clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste, ELLISS only works with organic and recycled fabrics, produces in small batches and works with two small manufactures - one locally based in London, and the other based in Slovenia. Their Slovenia manufacturer is a small family-run factory where all offcuts and threads are recycled into mattress fillers and insulation. All employees are paid a fair wage and the factory ensures paid expenses, 24 holidays a year, paid sick days and statutory 1 year maternity leave. ELLISS also works with an incredible printer in the Netherlands, where ELLISS' prints are made using GOTS-certified non-toxic dyes.
Known for their bold and graphic prints, ELLISS takes pride in their collage cut-out prints and ensuring that they are positioned on the body to create a flattering silhouette. In order to make these graphics, the ELLISS team flicks through their rich archive of vintage magazines from the 30s to 70s and chooses imagery that is sexy, fun and graphic with bold and unique colour palettes. The prints are then carefully engineered for each panel of clothing and printed onto one of their sustainable fabrics. ELLISS carefully plans the fabric to have as little waste as possible, which means that one roll of fabric will contain panels for t-shirts, dresses and smaller garments, all slotted into place like a jigsaw in order to minimize off-cuts.
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