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Martine Ali

Martine Ali is a Brooklyn-based designer who creates iconic chain-based silver jewelry and accessories reminiscent of 90s era grunge and hip-hop culture. Martine Ali styles are designed with a modular sensibility, encouraging versatility and creativity - necklaces, bracelets, pant chains, keychains and belts can be combined and recontextualized over and over again, making each piece as unique as its wearer. Approaching each piece as a work of art within a braoder artist's practice is essential to the product's authenticity and the studio culture of the brand. Each piece is assembled by hand in their Brooklyn Studio.

Martine has been placing her jewelry on the biggest names in music and fashion for years, such as Bad Bunny, Lady Gaga, Travis Barker, Bella Hadid and Sza and collaborating with rappers and designers such as Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, Aleali May, and Kim Shui.
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