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B Sides

The B side of a record is where the deep cuts live—the complex, idiosyncratic songs that true connoisseurs appreciate most. In that same spirit, B Sides celebrates the beauty of imperfection: Jeans that, like the sleeper song on a classic rock album, have an interesting story to tell.

The story of B Sides begins with longtime friends and fashion industry veterans Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily who began collecting antique denim in search of that perfectly imperfect pair. Their collection of vintage jeans began B Sides’s vintage patchworked styles—graphic jeans that spliced different washes and colors together long before the current craze for reworked denim. Now, with the introduction of a denim collection using new material, B Sides’s distinct sensibility and attention to detail is available to all—at an accessible price. The difference is in the denim, sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina that have provided workwear textiles to farm supply stores since the 19th century. Pleasingly weighty yet comfortable to wear, the materials have a depth and texture unlike anything seen since the '70s.

Every wash, every whisker, and every fade are inspired by the time-worn pieces in the founders’ archive. The styles—cut to flatter—combine the personality of vintage with the polish of tailoring, and will evolve over time. Though each piece is new, no two are alike. B Sides jeans are discreet classics with character—the sort of offbeat favourites you’ll reach for for years to come.
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