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Friday Favourites: Earth Week

by Akosua Adasi
We like to take a moment every Friday to reflect on the week behind us. Thinking about the tasks we completed, the goals we achieved and the roadblocks we encountered gives us an opportunity to clear our minds and let go of things that might be bugging us. It also gives us a moment to remember some of the amazing things that helped get us through the week. This Friday, in honor of Earth Day, we’re focusing on the things that made us feel good, and that are good for the Earth.


Contigo Reusable Mug
I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of waste I create. I find that most of the time I put more garbage into the world when I am lazy; or in a hurry and find myself turning to quick fixes via fast food places. I find that this mug is the most consistent step that I have taken in this direction. I feel good knowing that whether I decide to down one cup, or five cups of tea and coffee I’m not going to be adding to landfills. ~ Darleen, Intern.


Human Flow, directed by Ai Wei Wei
I am a huge follower of Ai Weiwei's art, and the controversy surrounding him. Human Flow frames the current refugee crisis of many populations globally, from a humanist lens. I love this film because it doesn't make other people’s sorrow emotional pornography. The examination of the difficulties and causes of dislocation is done while giving dignity to every individual. I am all about gaining different perspectives; without reducing people to their struggles. To me this is a sustainable mode of attuning yourself to the traumas other people live through.~ Darleen


Maine Ethics
“Finding in-depth and informative information about environmentalism, sustainability and ethical practices isn’t always easy. I get really distracted easily (thanks Instagram!) and so I like to read things that aren’t super dense but provide a lot of information. Maine Ethics is great--it’s written by an Albertan, Emilie Maine, and covers a large range of topics from environmental feminism and the evolution of feminism in China. And the aesthetics aren’t bad either.” ~ Akosua, Intern


This is a feel good track which keeps the current dialogue surrounding women, rights and abuses in mind. The central question of why you have to be nice to men when you need to be enjoying your life really hits home. 



Run by two gorgeous Brits, Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch, Stories Behind Things first started as a way to feature secondhand and vintage goods that the two had discovered. It soon turned into an amazing community that connects people all over the world with a common goal: making a positive impact and telling amazing stories. I can’t help but be obsessed.~ Akosua

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