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At Home With • Hannah

by Darleen Masakhwe
Name: Hannah Schmidts
Occupation:Graphic and Industrial Design Student
Loves:Monster Children,Surfing, and Photography

How would you describe yourself and your style
“I'd probably describe myself as being like a hodgepodge of so many different things because I really don't feel like I have one distinct style or like one distinct subculture or whatever. I feel like I just linger and hang out in the middle of a whole bunch of different things."

“The best way I would describe my style is I love to dress for occasions. If it's like business, I like to a super business style but if it's chilling at the park, I like to go more skater. It's very dependent on how I'm feeling, and honestly who I'm looking at on Instagram that day.”
What people inspire you? For sure Lucy Williams. I love Lucy Williams. I love Camille Charriere. She's so fun. And Camille Rowe! She’s my absolute idol. Mark Oblow is like my graphic design inspiration,[he's] everything I want to be in an artist. And he's out of L.A. and Hawaii. I have a whole bunch of his paintings that I need to get framed. But he's for sure a big idol of mine.

How do you practice sustainability and eco-consciousness in your everyday life?
I think a big thing for me because I'm basically a shopaholic is that I absolutely love to thrift shop and I try to avoid fast fashion. Investing in pieces that are worthwhile and thinking about price per wear are more worthwhile.

How do you want to be remembered?
I think I would want to be remembered as being someone who is very open and likable. That's a hard question. [I want to] have different experiences and not just [be] set on one path and one group of people.
What's the best thing you've heard or seen lately?
Oh gosh, Call Me By Your Name. 100 percent the best thing I've seen in years.

If you had to eat or drink one thing for the rest of your life...
Coffee. 100 percent. I have it every single day, I like Iced Americano Misto; that's my go to.

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