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Mary Young

The namesake line from designer Mary Young features ethically Canadian made lingerie and loungewear that embraces the natural woman's body. MARY YOUNG garments not only embody the modern woman’s lifestyle, but also empower females to embrace their individuality and to refuse contortion into industry definitions of sexy. Every piece is designed for long lasting, comfortable wear with the use of jerseys, knits and soft elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural body.
Mary lingerie is more than just an article of clothing, but an aspect of self love. By embracing your body and finding confidence in yourself, you become more loving towards yourself and in turn, those around you. For years women have been told they need to change their shape, their look and more to be attractive or sexy. Mary challenges these messages by empowering women to love their natural shape, to celebrate it and to stop comparing themselves to others or images in the media. After all, when a woman is comfortable and confident, she is undeniably sexy.
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