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Jounich Zip Sweatpants

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176.99 CAD
Versatile grey melange Jounich sweatpants made from ultra soft and comfortable American fleece. Features a zipper that easily transforms the sweat pants into shorts, a drawstring waistband, relaxed fit, straight cut, and two pockets at side. Cuffs are elasticated. Responsibly and sustainably crafted by family-run manufacturers based in small towns around Porto, Portugal, where natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo and tencel, are primarily used. Worn with the Baserange Long Sleeve Tee. CAREMachine wash or hand wash cold (hand washing is always better for your clothes and the environment!). MATERIAL 100% organic cotton.   ORGANIC COTTON / While water usage is still quite high for organic cotton and it is still a considerably low-yield crop, its production is much safer for cotton farmers due to its lack of toxic chemical treatment (the World Health Organisation estimates that 20,000 to 40,000 people die from accidental pesticide poisoning each year, most of them...