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Kordal Studio

Based in Brooklyn, designer Mandy Kordal first discovered she was passionate about knitwear after working for ready to wear designers such as Doo.Ri, Travota and J. Crew. Now at the helm of her own collection, Mandy's mission is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying their workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural and organic fibers when possible. They partner with experienced knitters who use both handloom machines and Shima Seki whole garment knitting machines. Both processes create a fully fashioned product, meaning there's no left over materials. Any left over yarns from previous seasons are recycled into other projects or donated to non-profits such as the Textile Arts Center.


Kordal's yarns and fabrics are sourced from top quality mills in Guatemala, Peru and Japan. Their mission is to keep the materials and corresponding production as local as possible so they can consequently reduce their carbon footprint, provide jobs in local communities, and build long term relationships with their suppliers and artisans.


Innovative Knitwear is a fair trade knitwear development and production company based in Lima, Peru that combines the traditional creativity and technique of Peruvian artisanship with innovative designs. The result is the finest knitted garments in natural fibers like baby alpaca, alpaca, cotton, and wool.
Revolution Knitwear is another fair trade development and production company based in Lima, Peru, whose main focus is working with local mills to source dead-stock yarn and low impact natural fibers. They produce garments and accessories using zero-waste methods while working with local artisans and weavers to create consciously-made textiles.
Lucci Yarn first introduced Kordal Studio to a cottage industry of knitters working on handloomed knitting machines in their Queens, NY neighbourhood. All of Kordal's sweaters made using locally sourced or deadstork yarn are produced on these handloomed machines.

FPS is a family-owned factory based in NYC's garment district that has been operating for over a decade, providing jobs for NYC's historic garment industry
LA Workshop is a Fair Trade certified manufacturer based in Guatemala City. They are currently working towards a zero emissions goal.
Sew Valley is located in Cincinnati, OH that provides the growing fashion community with resources and technology to build scalable, sustainable and responsible brands.


WOOL – Wool is a multifunctional fiber known for its insulation and durability. Kordal's primary source of wool comes from a family owned company located in Oregon called Imperial Stock Ranch, which creates the wool fiber without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving it soft and pure.
LINEN – Linen comes from the flax plant and is strong, absorbent, quickly biodegradable, and dries faster than most other textiles. Kordal works with family-run factories right in NYC to make their linen pieces.
RECYCLED COTTON – In 2017, Kordal began a partnership with The New Denim Project, a family-run factory based in Guatemala that manufactures cotton yarn and fabric made from upcycled denim and cotton fibers.
ORGANIC COTTON – Kordal works with Panoco Trading, a supplier based in Tokyo that produces bioRe certified organic cotton (bioRe is a complementary standard to GOTS that also includes social and environmental standards to ensure the well-being of the people producing them). Kordal also has a local cotton partnership with Zentex, which was founded over 75 years ago in NYC. It is taking the first step towards a more sustainable future by introducing a whole Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly fabric division to their company.
ALPACA – Alpaca is a soft, silky and durable fiber with unique thermal properties that is known to be low impact on the environment. Kordal sources their Alpaca fibers from Inca Tops, which has been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate for commitment to the natural environment. Inca Tops also takes great pride in supporting their local community and further helps the region throuogh their Social Responsibility Programs.
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