Base Range sustainable and ethical womenswear from New Classics Studios. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 2012 by Blandine Legait (Toulouse) and Marie-Louise Mogensen (Copenhagen), Baserange is an under- and easywear label (short for Basic Aesthetic for Sustainable Easywear, Baserange) that was born out of a wish to make a collection with as little retouching as possible - both in terms of images and production, and a passion to create clean basic shapes with an intimate feeling using sustainable fabrics and processes. Baserange's collections are made with a mix of natural raw fabrics, delicate soft fabrics, and a balance between loose and tight proportions, with the idea that the Baserange woman will be able to move exactly as she wants and be herself.

Base Range sustainable and ethical womenswear from New Classics Studios. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

With an office in both France and Denmark, Baserange works closely with small family-run business factories in Europe and Turkey to produce every collection. With the aim to be as transparent and straightforward as possible with their production, Baserange continues to find innovative ways to produce their garments sustainably. This means regular visits to affiliated factories in order to become more familiar with their facilities. Aside from this, all of Baserange's dyeings are Okotex certified according to EU legislation. This means that Baserange's garments are free of heavy metals, toxic components, and dyeing factories avoid all chemical rejection to protect the environment.

Want to know more? Here's some quick info on Baserange's production and where and how their fabrics are created.


All of Baserange's underwear and jerseys are produced in small towns around Porto, Portugal. These small, family-run factories work with natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, and tencel, and are visited 4 to 5 times a year to ensure high quality production.


Baserange's woven garments are produced in a family-run business based in Odemis, Turkey, where they produce only natural fabrics such as linen, silk and wool. Half of Baserange's collection crafted in Odemis are made of raw fabrics, therefore not requiring any dyes or chemicals!

All knitwear is made in Castres, France, where the Tarn area has seen all of it's factories close one by one during the 90's and 00's because of textile relocation. However, the owner of Missegle has rebuilt a small socks and knitwear atelier with machines recovered from these closing factories. This factory works only with natural and high quality yarns such as yak, alpaca, silk and mohair.