Two weekends ago in my hometown of St. Albert, Alberta, we held the first ever Seven Music Festival (named after 7 toboggan runs--typical Canada). With Sam Roberts Band as its main headliner, followed by other Canadian bands such as Current Swell and Scenic Route to Alaska, the festival was held at a very low key venue that slightly resembled the structure of an outdoor arena. 

Now, I’m a big fan of music in general, but being able to support Canadian bands is even better. It’s another way to look at sustainability. Supporting Canadian music creates a platform for up and coming artists and allows for new talent to find a market that would otherwise not be available to them. Music festivals provide the perfect opportunity for both the performers and the audience, creating a sense of community.

From Arcade Fire to Justin Bieber, music is a defining part of the Canadian life and culture. And besides, we all feel a little bit proud when one of our own makes it big. This was definitely the atmosphere on Saturday. Even though it was the festival's first year, the Seven Music Festival definitely has the potential to draw in more artists, more people, give more chances to newer performers, and ultimately turn into another sustainable outlet for Canadian music. So next time there’s a festival or local acts performing, check it out.

PS: also, met Sam Roberts, big fan girl moment!