Photo by Tyrone Turner.

According to various environmental studies, 75% of energy consumption in apparel happens after a piece of clothing is bought. With that being said, we wanted to share some tips on how you can do your laundry and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time.

  • Air dry, don't tumble dry: your clothing will last longer and smell better. Turn them inside out if you are drying coloured pieces outside. Also, the UV light from the sun can be a pretty good sterilizing agent.
  • The industrial driers at local laundromats are more efficient than domestic versions.
  • Try to avoid ironing: hang your clothing up soon after the wash cycle for wrinkle-prone clothing. 
  • Front load washing machines use at least 40% less water and up to 65$ less electricity compared to a top loader.
  • Only use the "Cold" setting when using the washing machine: It takes a ridiculous amount of energy to heat water! 
  • Buy phosphate free detergents: this will help reduce the ignition of algal blooms in our waterways and wetland
  • Always fill up your washing machine with a full load to maximize the energy and water used. 
  • A lot of "Dry Clean Only" clothing can be hand washed (if you're careful). Try to avoid the nasty mix of chemicals at the Dry Cleaners.
  • Wear your clothing more than once before sending them to the wash. Some fabrics, such as linen, hemp, merino and alpaca wool, are especially good at hiding body odor and preventing creases.

Source: Treehugger