A few weeks ago, we welcomed our friend and local style icon, Anton Atienza, into the studio for a session of dress-up. As one of our biggest supporters and retweeters, it was incredible to finally be able to snap him in his favourite pieces from New Classics Studios. 

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NC: What's yo name?
AA: Anton Atienza

NC: Occupation?
AA: Jack of all trades. Brand Ambassador, Social Media Correspondent, glorified bartender and occasional merchandise and personal shopper. The list kind of goes on.

NC: Age?
AA: 26

NC: Instagram handle?
AA: @antonatienza

NC: Tell us a bit about your awesome self!
AA: Well, I am absolutely ridiculous in every aspect. I love to talk, a lot. I guess that explains why I chose a career in communications. People make the assumption that I'm fascinating, but in reality I'm completely boring. 

NC: Describe your personal style.
AA: My style is definitely casual, contemporary.

NC: Favourite places to eat in Edmonton?
AA: This is a tough question! I love to eat out!! My absolute favourite places to eat at in Edmonton would probably have to be Canteen, Duchess Bakery, Craft Beer Market, the late Tavern 1903 (might be wrong with title - working on iPhone in the airplane), Dauphine's Bakery and Bar Bricco.

NC: Sweet or Sour?
AA: Sweet!

NC: If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
AA: Oh god, another food question...!! I'd have to say the truffle ravioli from Serafina in New York City.

NC: Favourite childhood TV show?
AA: Rugrats and Doug!

NC: Guilty pleasure?
AA: Listening to all the bad pop music ever. (Just so you know, I'm infectiously listening to Ariana Grande's Love Me Harder on repeat like there's no tomorrow) and religiously watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

NC: What are your wardrobe staples?
AA: Black skinny jeans (Frame Denim makes THE BEST ones. hands down.), an oversized off white and heather grey tee, a good chunky oversized knit sweater (Suzanne Rae sweater), a black leather biker jacket and a good blanket scarf.

NC: Why is sustainability within the fashion industry important to you?
AA: Sustainability within the fashion industry is important to me because, you want to ensure the products that you are purchasing and wearing are sourced out accordingly and created with great practices. It's good to be environmentally aware about what you are wearing.

NC: How do you plan to #WearTheChange?
AA: By continuously educating myself with eco-friendly fashions. Becoming more self-conscious about the clothing that I buy and doing my research with clothing production and trying to spread the word to family and friends.


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