A lot of blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe just sweat) have gone into making this moment happen. I mean, if not for all my procrastination, I probably wouldn't have had to lose too much sleep over getting New Classics Studios all polished and ready for its debut, but alas, now it's (75%) ready, and out there for the world to see. As some of you may know, my name is Alyssa Lau. I started this project about 5 months ago with my boyfriend, Eric, and here we are, anxious and excited for what's still to come. 

First of all, what is New Classics Studios? Well, we're your new favourite organic cotton tee. We're also that dress you'll be able to wear for the next decade. In other words, New Classics Studios is a carefully curated collection of high quality, timeless and most importantly, sustainable clothing. Then you ask, what is sustainable? I mean, there are many ways to interpret "sustainable", so I don't blame you for asking. Sustainable fashion is an umbrella term, in which upcycled fabrics, recycled fabrics, fair trade garments, secondhand shopping, slow fashion, and the use of organic fabrics sans pesticides all fall under. So, while the term "sustainable fashion" is pretty darn ambiguous, we're making sure to be as transparent as possible about the labels and products we carry. We've even compiled an easy-to-read sustainable fashion glossary you can check out here.

Anyway, enough about us (since you can read alllll about us here and I should have launched the store 21 minutes ago). Thanks to everyone for their support of New Classics Studios thus far. We can only hope to keep on grinding on.

PS: If you have been missing out on the giveaway fun, you still have a few days to enter our last giveaway for a $150 gift card to New Classics Studios, so don't miss out! Head over here to enter (it'll take five seconds, we promise!).