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Par La Lune • December

by Darleen Masakhwe
Some of us at the studio are suckers for astrology; whether you keep up with your personal guidance from the stars on the daily or not – we’ve consolidated some style advice after taking a sign from the signs. These tips are personalized for your sun sign, which is what most people refer to as their main sign; whose main concerns tend to be focused on your individual vitality.

Also note that if any of our recommendations seem a little off kilter from your norm, there’s been a new moon in town and we aren’t going to type cast any sign. Three major themes from this new lunar moment are: rebirth – thinking of the possibilities that lie beyond what we have accumulated experiences with: growth – as we explore ourselves and our intuition: resetting – as we consider what will bring us into our best balance given the situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in at the present moment.


March 21st - April 19th

You’re known for seeking adventure and needing constant stimulation in order to be living your best life. How you make pieces that are at odds work is a mystery to everyone, even yourself. While it’s great to be an entrepreneur, sensitivity to the situation will pull you ahead. You are at your best when you pair your intuition with some reflectiveness. Keeping this need for situational dressing in mind, my top pick for you Aries are on:

Knightsbridge Dress – Ace & Jig

Camel Dill High Collar Dress – Kaarem

April 20th – May 20th

Everyone knows that you are the earth sign that seeks comfort in the familiar, as well as through the material. I can’t fault you for that, however we both know that you’ve been a little inflexible in the name of stability. This needs to change, as I’m sure you know nothing great ever blooms in your comfort zone. You need to buy less - get what you need and leave it at that. My top picks for you are:

Tan Gala Dress – Kowtow Spinner Skirt – Pola Thompson

May 21st - June 20th

You’re best known for being the embodiment for duality, both good and bad, your aesthetic tends to be preppy with some details that suggest the rich inner life you occupy. So Gemini, following suit I would suggest some accessories to take you into the New Year. Because you’re a dynamic and energetic individual you need to have function and form paired together. My top picks for you are:

Twist Dress – Study NY

Franca Earrings – Wolf Circus


 June 21st - July 22nd

You know as well as the next person that you cannot be everything for every man. You’ve come to terms with this in different areas of life, especially those that deal with interpersonal relationships. You always maintain your compassionate nature.

My top picks for you are: 

Captain Shirt – Vale Denim

Franca Earrings – Wolf Circus

July 23rd - August 22nd

As a fire sign, you’re known for bringing the heat to whatever encounters you. Think the unprecedented summer highs we enjoyed this past season. You make the spotlight your own, without hogging it. You’re gracious in acknowledging the attention that you hold. My top picks for you are:

Drew Brighton Dress  – Ace & Jig Mira Dress – Toit Volant

August 23rd - September 22nd

Queen B is the supreme example of a Virgo, however not every Virgo is Beyonce. You might not be running the world Virgo, but you are running your life with a preciseness that makes most wonder if you’ve got extra hours in your day.
You need pieces that will take you through every single event in your day, without having to change it up too much. My top picks for you are:

Deco Bags in Black – Vertoverto

White Leather Mule – Suzanne Rae

September 23rd - October 22nd

There’s always a balanced, timeless air about you Libra. You don’t want to disrupt the peaceful air of whatever you happen to be around.
Which is great, but you need to stop that from letting you play with the quirky and off kilter. Never a dull outfit should be your motto – see Imaan Hammam if you’re doubting the possibility of this a little. The Christmas season is the perfect moment for you to let cozy rule your aesthetic, while at the same time having everyone wonder just where did you get that. My top picks for you are: 

Chrysalis Blouse – Arcana NYC

Simple Sandal in Chlor – RAFA

October 23rd - November 21st

You know that the devil is in the details for a reason, which means that you’ve probably already considered what to wear this holiday season. You’re sometimes known for being very magnetic and intensely mysterious. Which is all well and good, but I would advise you to reconsider letting your natural energy and normally elaborate looks do all the talking. This season go for what is most simple and sublime, you are the most intricate detail of your wardrobe. Life isn’t simply ever either black and white and your closet shouldn’t be either. My top picks for you are:

Shadow Dress – Kowtow

Iced Pink Scabiosa Earrings – Apres Ski

November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius is known for having the best traits of fire signs at once. You’re known for being a little secretive, which doesn’t stop your natural magnetism from rolling off you. You’re also adept at seeking out knowledge, however you can sometimes use this pastime as a means to avoid what needs to be dealt with. The past years have been a great streak of last minute outfit planning and gift shopping. However it’s time to give yourself a little break in advance, you’re super sociable so I’m sure that the invites are rolling in. My top picks for you are:

Palma Swimsuit – Baserange

(we think you could pull this off as a top)

Faux Lizard Pump – Suzanne Rae

December 22nd - January 19th

When life gives you lemons, you’re one to worry over which recipe will give you the best lemonade. The end of this year and the next year are going to be about letting go. Your image of having everything down pat, whether it’s your go to pieces of clothing in your closet to your top buys for next year, needs to go. It’s alright not to know what will work and keep working. My top picks for you are:

Paprika Lilith Convertible Strap Dress – Arcana NYC

leblon Mule in Fuscia Satin – Mari Guidicelli

January 20th - February 18th

Jenny Holzer famously said ‘You’re a victim of the rules that you live by,’ via her series of truisms. So Aquarius what rules have accepted to be as constant as gravity? Do you still find the same enjoyment from them once you’re all dressed and ready to take on the world? If you’ve been unable to escape the knowing, ever present feeling of staleness, this is the perfect season to take a few steps into a new sartorial direction.
My top picks for you are: 

Illusion Dress – Wray

Black Esme Dress – Eliza Faulkner

February 19th - March 20th

Known for being the most emotional sign in the zodiac, you are deeply in touch with how you feel and as famous Piscean Rihanna said dressing is really led by the emotion of the day. But my advice would be to dress for an overarching theme or mood, this will allow you to find new ways to express your emotions to the world.
My top picks for you are:

Rio Dress – Delfina Balda

Kalis Bra – Baserange

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