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Girls of IG • Izzy Parrell

by Akosua Adasi
With a perfect combination of sassiness and down-to-earthness, Izzy Parrell always kills it--whether she's showing off her vintage driven style or modelling for Toronto based brand People's Product. Her Instagram perfectly reflects her cool girl personality--it's always fun and doesn't take anything too seriously. Read on to learn about her morning routine and discover her favourite shopping spot in Toronto.
Who is Izzy Parrell?
I’m a 21 year old student living in Toronto. I go to Ryerson and I work in commercial production as an assistant wardrobe stylist.

What does a typical morning look like for you?
It really depends on what my day is looking like. If I have classes I'll usually get up around 8 or 9, make coffee (I live with my sister and we both make sure there is always a pot of coffee). I’ll go on my laptop for an hour or two and do some work. If I’m on set that day, I'll usually be up at a crazy hour (sometimes 4am) to make my call time which is usually around 6 or 7am. In which case I’ll roll out of bed throw on some jeans and head out.

What are you passionate about?
Food and fashion

What do you value most in a friend?
Humor and honesty

What originally drew you towards sustainable and ethical fashion?
My sister founded a sustainable and ethical clothing company two years ago. They make cool clothes with a conscious; everything is fair trade and artisan made. They work with small collectives in developing communities around the world. She really introduced me to the ethical fashion world and has inspired me to live a sustainable lifestyle.

How do you personally #WeartheChange?
I shop majority thrift and vintage; rarely will I buy something considered fast fashion. I also am constantly going through my wardrobe and trading with friends and local clothing shops. The amount of clothing sent to landfills each year is astounding and I think recycling clothes throughout communities is vital to sustainability.

Favourite shopping spot?
Common Sort

Secret talent?
Playing the piano!

What song are you currently playing?
Hold Me Down, Daniel Caesar


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