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by Alyssa Lau
By now, you may have noticed the #WearTheChange hashtag we have been using on our social media posts. And maybe you've wondered what exactly it is. Well, at New Classics Studios, we're hoping to use this hashtag to get you (yes, you!) to become a member of the the slow fashion movement and join the conversation surrounding the environmental abuse and ethical malpractices that the mainstream fashion industry is guilty of.
Sustainable and Ethical clothing from New Classics Studios. Worldwide shipping from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Today's mainstream fashion industry relies on the globalized mass production and over-consumption of low quality garments and accessories. While this allows consumers access to the latest trends for very low prices, fast fashion has an extremely high invisible cost, and it is the environment and workers in the supply chain that pay.

As a result of the mass production and over-consumption of clothing, the fashion industry has an unbelievably large carbon and environmental footprint. In fact, the global consumption and usage of clothing leads to the release of more than 850 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. North America aloneproduces more than 12 million tonnes of waste in textiles (~68 lbs of waste per household per year), accounting for 5% of all landfill production (which is preeeetty ridiculous when almost 99% of textiles can be recycled). And while fast fashion has proven extremely detrimental to our environment, it's important to remember that there are real people who suffer the consequences of low consumer prices. In fact, many garment workers in third world countries employed by large clothing chains often experience horrible working conditions, unreasonably long hours of work, and even more unreasonable pay. 
At this point, you may be wondering how exactly you can #WearTheChange? And because we value efficiency, we've provided you with a list of things you could do in case you wanted to join the conversation.

  • Shop at your local small businesses
  • Shop secondhand or vintage clothing
  • Shop sustainable and/or fair trade clothing
  • Think quality over quantity. Invest in your clothing.
  • Consider air-drying your clothing and using more environmentally-friendly detergents
  • Help spread the word! Tell your friends and family about the Slow Fashion movement and show them that their choices matter.

So show us how you #WearTheChange on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, whether that be with secondhand clothing, or a sustainably-made piece from New Classics Studios. Join the conversation. 

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